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Code Enforcement - Cannabis/Marijuana Regulation

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As a Mendocino, Trinity, Shasta, Humboldt Tehama and Lake County Marijuana Ordinance Attorney, I have seen more and more that Governmental Regulation of Cannabis and Marijuana is not simply limited to the field of criminal prosecution. Increasingly, other agencies are stepping in to initiate action against Medical Marijuana Growers, even if the cultivation is a lawful medical marijuana collective or cooperative. These government actions are often administrative in nature, meaning you do not have all the rights normally required in criminal cases.

State and local government are increasingly taking advantage of using zoning ordinances and land use regulations to get around what might be a losing case in a criminal court. Once a notice of violation is received, there are often multiple deadlines with the countdown to respond often being a matter of days. Even if the alleged Marijuana Cultivation violation is without merit, without prompt legal intervention the government can simply win their case by exploiting difficult to comprehend procedures and brutally short deadlines. Then, possibly without ever setting foot in a courtroom before a judge or jury, the government can place liens on your property, intercept your tax refund, freeze your bank account, or garnish your wages. The fines can be so astronomical that you could find your property being auctioned on the courthouse steps for a case that could have been quickly defeated.

These administrative actions often accompany the development of a criminal case. If you have received a notice of violation or other action by a government agency do not hesitate. Time is of the essence, and the Mendocino and Lake County Law Offices of Anakalia Sullivan are here to help you through this process.

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