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Get Your Questions Answered - Call Me For Your Free, 30 Min Phone Consultation (707) 730-4177

“There is just not enough stars here. If it wasn’t for Andrea Sullivan I don’t know where I would be today. Incredibly knowledgeably, great professionalism, excel intuitively. Real down to earth person. She dealt with a domestic criminal case I had a few years ago (2018-19) and had the best out come ever. I was in a very bad situation and she went above and beyond to help me. At no point did I called or reached out to her and she didn’t get back at me within a reasonable time, she would always make sure to meet with me in person to discuss whatever was necessary. knowing just how busy of a schedule she has. Even going to court, Whenever there was a situation where she has to attend to another case, ( as I was on bail) she would make sure that I was well represented. I acquired her services halfway throughout my case yet she managed to got through all details took it to trial and and won the trial. Mind you now I was facing felonies charge. She is a great lawyer. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone who needs a great lawyer to defend them. I can guarantee you will sleep good knowing she has you back. I could go on forever about the good she has done for me . Also, I don’t think you’re going to find a better fee out there. She is pretty reasonable. Although I think she should rise her fees, she does excellent work. I truly thank you Andrea for all you have done to help me and make it possible for me to continue my life as a free man. You are truly amazing and appreciated. Thanks much.”– Sha S.

“One of the Best lawyers in the business! She is kind and very compassionate about her field of work.Willing to listen and very understanding paying the upmost attention to detail. All in all I gave 5stars hands down. This Firm is the BEST in my books.”– Kwayne B.

“She is the best public defender I’ve ever had. She isn’t judgemental and she actually tries to do what’s best for you.”– Nicole H.

“Great 5th amendment attorney.”– Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crusse

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